Cooperative Bank Ltd. ATM Network

The A & N State Cooperative Bank has opened its’ ATM services at Port Blair, Garacharma I, Garacharma II, Dairyfarm, Rangat, etc for the customers with ‘RUPAY’ branded ATM-cum-Debit cards w.e.f. June 2014. With the introduction of RUPAY branded Debit cards, the customers of A & N SCB can use its’ ATM cards at the ATMs of other banks. Similarly, the ATM cards of other banks may also use the ATM services of our bank for withdrawing cash.

Andaman & Nicobar State Cooperative Bank Ltd.
ATM Network
01. Port Blair (02 ATMs)
02. Garacharma-I
03. Garacharma-II
04. Dollygunj
05. Wimberlygunj
06. Ferrargunj
07. Dairyfarm
08. Rangat
09. Diglipur
10. Tushnabad
11. Burmanallah
12. Prothrapur
13. Neil Island
14. Mayabunder
15. Junglighat
16. Campbell Bay

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