• 1. There has been a substantial rise in the deposits mobilised by the bank which can be attributed to the rapid bank expansion, increase in Gross Savings Domestic Product (GSDP), inflationary rise in the quantity of currency, development in saving behavior of the masses.
  • 2. CASA
    The Current Account Savings Account (CASA) deposit to total deposit formed about 58.99 % (which is higher than the National Average) as on 31.03.2018. The Bank has been trying to increase current account and the savings account deposits in order to contain the cost of deposit. It will also enable the bank to maintain a softer interest rate regime.
  • 3. The type-wise break–up of the deposits as on 31.03.2016, 31.03.2017 and 31.03.2018 are furnished below:-


31.03.16 (Audited)

% to total deposits

31.03.17 (Audited)

% to total deposits

31.03.18 (Audited)

% to total deposits
Term Deposits32,517.5247.2035399.2342.6537095.9540.76
Growth registered : 9.67 %



  • 1. The investments of the bank in the Govt. and other securities including Term Deposits in commercial banks amounted to ` 32,883.40 lakhs as on 31.03.2018. The Bank made investments in Govt. Securities which was reckoned for the purpose of Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR). There was considerable improvement in the management of fund. The Bank has a system of assessing fund flow position on a daily basis for the purpose of forecast liquidity position of the Bank as a whole and investment of surplus fund in various permissible avenues to earn income.
  • 2. The comparative position of the composition of the investment portfolio of the bank is given below:-


As on 31.03.16
( Audited)

As on 31.03.17

As on 31.03.18 (Audited)
I. SLR Investments
(a) Govt. securities30024.2936,576.3532,883.40
(b) Other approved Securities
Total a + b30024.2936,576.35 32,883.40
II. Non-SLR investment
(a) Bank Bonds etc500.00500.00500.00
(b) Term Deposits with banks15919.1016,472.3715,125.84
(C) Money at Call and Short Notice38.001,001.000.60
Total a + b + c16457.1017,973.3715,626.44
Total Investment46481.3854,549.7248,509.84
  • 3. The Food Credit Consortium was ` 8500.00 lakhs during the year 2017-18.
  • 4. Despite various constraints like hike in interest rates of credit delivery system, moving towards variable interest rate structure, stiff competition from Nationalized Banks and the Private Sector Banks, the bank has always given priority to agriculture and its allied activities.
  • 5. The total loans and advances outstanding as on 31.03.2018 amounted to ` 57412.67 lakhs as against ` 43,862.93 lakhs in the previous year. The CD ratio of the bank as on 31.03.2017 was 52.86 %. The sectoral deployment of advances are furnished below:-

Loans and Advances

SL. No.

( Audited)

Outstanding (O/s) Position
31.03.2016 (Audited)31.03.2017 (Audited)31.03.2018 (Audited)
1Short-term for Seasonal Agricultural Operation (SAO)1,073.261,194.091,339.00
b) Other purposes247.51249.59241.14
2Medium-term loans for
a) Agricultural purposes256.11249.41234.54
b) Other purposes4,821.085,629.636,695.54
3Long-term loans for
a) Agricultural purposes287.50284.60401.33
b) Other purposes5,359.239,231.9317620.39
5Advances against Deposits388.68385.59498.53
6Gold Loan4140.283,726.502882.39

Retail Banking

Within retail, the housing loans, car loans, medical, education, consumption/personal loans have shown tremendous growth trajectory. The details of few retail banking items are shown in the below table:-

SL. No.
During 2017-17
( Audited)

During 2017-18
ParticularsNo. of CasesAmountNo. of CasesAmount
1House construction & repairs714808.501362250.50
3Vehicle / Vessels095700.851280.15
5Consumption /Personal3711013.154054602.92


15 % Deposit Growth & 10 % growth in loans and advances.

Gross NPA at below 5%.

Commencement of Rupay KCC and Micro ATMs.

To cover more and more areas in rural counterparts under Financial Inclusion.

To introduce new schemes for the rural counterparts of these Islands.