Introduction of Accounts to the Bank

It is essential that the introducer should know fully well the prospective account holder whom he / she is introducing for a sufficiently long time. The introducer should be in a position to identify or be able to give more particulars about the account holder from his personal knowledge, when there arises any occasion at a later date. A dialogue or enquiry with the introducer is had so that he / she could be informed of his responsibility and the implications of introducing an account. In respect of accounts introduced by employees of other branches or where the introducer was not present while introducing the customer at the time of opening the account, no cheque/draft shall be collected till a confirmation of being introduced the account is received.


The officer responsible for opening of accounts should scrutinize the originals of the photo ID/address documents and satisfy himself / herself about the prima facie authenticity of the same. Photocopies of these documents should be authenticated by the officer and kept along with the account opening form.