This facility is not offered through all Bank branches and wherever the facility is offered, allotment of Safe Deposit vault will be subject to availability and compliance with other terms and conditions attached to the service. Safe Deposit Lockers may be hired by an individual (being not a minor) singly or jointly with another individual(s), HUFs, firms, limited companies, associates, societies, trusts, etc. Nomination facility is available to individual(s) holding the lockers singly or jointly. In respect of lockers held in joint names, up to two nominees can be appointed. Joint locker holders can give mandate for access to the lockers in the event of death of one of the holders on the lines similar to those for deposit accounts.

Andaman & Nicobar State Cooperative Bank Ltd. offers you Safe Deposit Locker facilities to keep your valuables at a secure place.


(a) Available at selected branches (Port Blair, Rangat & Diglipur).
(b) An annual rent of Rs. 395 is chargeable (Rent: Rs. 350 + Service Tax: Rs. 45)
(c) Nomination facility is available to the hirer of Safe Deposit Locker.
* Conditions Apply