(1) Quotation for the Supply of Item, dated 07.10.2017  

(2) Roof Slab Treatment of Head of Office Buiding, dated 03.10.2017

(3) Supply of Portable Diesel Generator Set 3KVA & 5KVA, dated 20.09.2017

(4) Construction of ANSCBank Branch RCC Building at Lapathy, Car-Nicobar, dated 19.09.2017

(5) Supply & Installation of Split Type Air Conditioner, dated 20.09.2017

(6) Providing Pavers Block for Head Office Parking Area, dated 13.09.2017

(7) Supply of Portable Diesel Generator Set 3KVA and 5KVA, dated 23.08.2017

(8) Roof Slab Treatment of Head Office Building & other allied works, dated 29.08.2017

(9) Interior & Exterior Works of proposed ATM Room at Namunaghar Junction, dated 24.08.2017

(10) Alteration & Interior Works in Proposed New Premises of Haddo Branch, dated 11.08.2017

(11) Construction of RCC Building Branch at Lapathy, Car-Nicobar, dated 11.08.2017

(12) Supply for Electrical Items for the Year 2017-2018 “as and when required basis”, dated 27.07.2017

(13) Interior Work of Renovated Aerial Bay Branch & ATM Room, dated 20.03.2017

(14) Interior & Exterior Civil Works of Rooms at Gram Panchayat Building Proposed for Guptapara Branch of ANSCB Ltd., dated 20.03.2017

(15) Construction of Branch Building at HutBay, Little Andaman, dated 16.09.2016

(16) Renovation & Modernization of Garacharma-I Branch, dated 04.04.2016

(17) Supply of New Extinguishers / Maintenance of Existing Fire Extinguishers, dated 18.01.2016

(18) Construction of ATM Room at Neil Island Branch & other Allied Works, dated 14.10.2015

(19) Renovation & Modernization of Prothrapur Branch & Construction of ATM Room, dated 21.09.2015

(20) Renovation & Modernization of Tushnabad Branch, dated 21.09.2015

(21) Providing and Fixing M.S.Gate at HO Parking, dated 20.04.2015

(22) Construction of Branch Building of ANSCB at Billiground, dated 12.01.2015

(23) Providing & Fixing 18mm Granite walling at Head Office building, dated 22.04.2014

(24) Providing & Fixing Signage for Head Office Building, dated 25.04.2014

(25) Construction of RCC Building of Billiground Branch, dated 11.03.2014

(26) Providing & Fixing Signage for Head Office Building, dated 06.03.2014

(27) Supply of GI pipes of make Nezone/ Bansal/ Tata tubes (Medium), dated 21.01.2014

(28) Supply, Installation, Maintenance and Training of color copier/scanner/printer/telefax in Head Office, dated 20.01.2014

(29) Modification of Head Office Building, dated 11.01.2014

(30) Installation of A) CCTV Camera, B) EPABX System & C) Biometric Attendance System at Head Office, dated 09.01.2014

(31) Supply and Installation of LED Video Screen Board at Head Office building, dated 08.01.2014

(32) Renovation and Modernization of Diglipur Branch, dated 11.11.2013

(33) Renovation and Modification of Ferrargunj Branch, dated 10.09.2013

(34) Quotation Notice for Interior Work of ATM Room at Katchal, dated 29.08.2013

(35) Quotation for the Supply of Computers, Peripherals / accessories, dated July 2013

(36) Renovation and Modification of Wimberly Gunj Branch premises, dated 09.07.2013

(37) Renovation and Extension of Kadamtala Branch Building, dated 08.07.2013

(38) Auction Notice for Furniture and Fixtures of Dairy Farm Branch, dated 14.06.2013

(39) Providing, Installation, Testing and commissioning. of 1 no. lift at A&N State Coop. Bank Ltd., Head Office Building at Port Blair

(40) Renovation of New Dairy Farm Branch Premises

(41) Addition and alteration of Andaman and Nicobar state co-operative Bank Ltd. Head office Building at Port Blair and Interior Work (Furniture & Furnishing in Interior Decoration) of Andaman and Nicobar State Cooperative Bank Ltd, H.O.Building

(42) Completion of First Floor Rangat Branch Building. Dated 11.12.2012

(43) Supply of Vehicle on Hiring Basis. Dated 26.10.2012

(44) Supply, installation, operation and maintenance of 15 KVA/12 KW Diesel Generating Set. Dated 26.10.2012

(45) Extension and Modification of Garacharma II Branch. Dated 26.07.2012

(46) Supply of Stationery Items. Dated 26.07.2012

(47) Printing of Books and Forms. Dated 26.07.2012